Welcome to a happy place where creativity reigns supreme!

Long before KWB & Co. opened their doors in 2008, Kelly Barber was creating faux finishes, transforming houses, spray painting furniture, printing art, and stirring up all kinds of CHAOS for her family and friends!  KWB & Co. was created so she could share her creative CHAOS and endless ideas with the world (and possibly dilute it a little for her family and friends because, honestly, it's a BIT MUCH!

Kelly Wright Barber is the KWB (I may not always be right, but I will ALWAYS be a WRIGHT! Unless the Mom and the brothers disown me!)in this venture! & Co. is every last person that takes KWB's crazy and hare-brained schemes and IMPLEMENTS them.  It truly does take a VILLAGE to complete most projects and KWB & Co. is the PERFECTLY IMPERFECT team making it ALL happen!  
"Opening the door to endless possibilities"  is a  tag line KWB & Co. is serious about! It may be a little exhausting, (be thankful you're not in Kelly's head all of the time!) but all of your efforts exploring options usually yields delightful results. Sometimes the possibilities lead to unexpected and unplanned directions, but the journey is ALWAYS delightful!

KWB & Co. thoroughly enjoys the chaos and adventure 
of projects.  We bring great enthusiasm and energy to every project and we are proud of what we create and truly enjoy the pursuit of the endless possibilities each project brings.  While creating is always fun, our PROJECT MANAGEMENT skills are the critical elements that enables successful project completion and our mission is to consistently EXCEED client expectations. 

KWB & Co. also provides business, career development, and ALL types of consulting services including: Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Engineering, Human Resource Development, Manufacturing, Preventative Maintenance Analysis, Graphic Design, and Research! (Experiences from past corporate management lives!)

Kelly W. Barber 
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